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  • MVCC EN 110: Oral and Written Communication

    This course covers the effective oral and written contexts of occupational communications. It includes practice in oral presentations, business letters, resumes, memos, instructional materials and reports, and visual aids.  It is designed specifically for A.O.S. degree programs.  Students will demonstrate an ability to deliver effective oral presentations; develop appropriate and effective public speaking skills; compose clear, concise memos and letters; compose concise short reports; demonstrate the ability to write an effective job application letter and resume; utilize visual aids in oral and written presentation.

  • MVCC EN 101: Composition

    This course focuses on self-expressive, informative, and argumentative/persuasive writing.  Emphasis is placed on the composition of clear, correct and effective prose required in a wide variety of professions and occupations. Students will demonstrate an ability to communicate ideas purposefully in self-expressive, informative, and argumentative/persuasive writing to particular audiences in specific contexts, at a level generally expected for successful students. They will demonstrate intellectual independence and abilities to use language for the purpose of reading, learning, communicating, and thinking critically; identify primary and secondary research sources; attain a level of writing fluency adequate for success in college courses; demonstrate the application of clear writing skills in both professional and academic modes; demonstrate an understanding of proper documentation procedures to avoid plagiarism.