• 8th Grade Syllabus

    Classroom Expectations:

    • Be on Time:
      • Be in assigned seat and quiet when the bell rings.
      • Being late to class will result with:
        • A retraining slip
    • Be prepared and Productive:
      • Bring all needed materials to class daily (Notebook, pen/pencil).
      • Start working on the daily Essential Question when you enter the room.
      • Be ready to be involved in class activities as soon as class begins.
      • Being unprepared and unproductive will result with:
        • A retraining slip
    • Be Respectful:
      • To Students, teacher, presenters, classroom and the course material.
      • Participate in classroom discussions. Raise your hand!
      • Do not talk when other students or the teacher are talking.

    What you will need for class:

    • Technology Notebook (Single Subject).
    • Pen and pencil

    Grading Policy:

    • Semester Average will be determined by:
      • Tests and Quizzes 75%
      • Projects/Labs 25%

    Essential Questions:

    • Essential Questions are to be completed each day upon entering the classroom.
    • After 5 Essential Questions have been completed, turn in for approval.

    Absent from Class:

    • The student is responsible for:
      • Turning in any homework/projects that were due on date missed labeled.
      • Any notes given in class-see a classmate first or ask the teacher.
      • Missed assignments or projects check class mailbox and teacher.

    Missed Tests:

    • Made up within 24 hours of returning to school or lose 10 points per day off the attained grade.
    • Scheduled by teacher and student upon return to class.
    • Completed in study hall, during lunch, or after school.

    A Note to students and parents:

    Please remember that this is a 20-week course and it is important that you do not get behind in your work. Please see me with any problems or concerns! Should you have questions about the above information please feel free to contact me at any time.

    I look forward to our 20 weeks together!!

    Mr. Lallier

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