• DDP Syllabus

    Classroom Expectations:

    • Be on Time:
      • Be in assigned seat and quiet when the bell rings.
      • Being late to class will result with:
        • A retraining slip
    • Be prepared and Productive:
      • Bring all needed materials to class daily (Notebook, pen/pencil).
      • Start working on the daily Essential Question when you enter the room.
      • Be ready to be involved in class activities as soon as class begins.
      • Being unprepared and unproductive will result with:
        • A retraining slip
    • Be Respectful:
      • To Students, teacher, presenters, classroom and the course material.
      • Participate in classroom discussions. Raise your hand!
      • Do not talk when other students or the teacher are talking.

    What you will need for class:

    • Technology Notebook (Single Subject).
    • Pen and pencil

    Grading Policy:

    • Semester Average will be determined by:
      • Tests and Quizzes 75%
      • Projects/Labs 25%

    Essential Questions:

    • Essential Questions are to be completed each day upon entering the classroom.
    • After 5 Essential Questions have been completed, turn in for approval.

    Absent from Class:

    • The student is responsible for:
      • Turning in any homework/projects that were due on date missed labeled.
      • Any notes given in class-see a classmate first or ask the teacher.
      • Missed assignments or projects check class mailbox and teacher.

    Missed Tests:

    • Made up within 24 hours of returning to school or lose 10 points per day off the attained grade.
    • Scheduled by teacher and student upon return to class.
    • Completed in study hall, during lunch, or after school.

    A Note to students and parents:

    Should you have questions about the above information please feel free to contact me at any time.

    I look forward to our school year together!!

    Mr. Lallier

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