Elementary Counseling Services

Banana Splits

  • Banana Splits is a program for children whose families are in transition because of separation, divorce or re-marriage and are experiencing issues, such as custody, visitation, or step-sibling problems.

    The goal and focus of the program is to build a positive approach to life changes, along with offering a chance for children to share similar feelings or experiences with peers. We want children to understand that they are capable of coping with difficult life experiences. It is a growth process through which they learn courage and confidence in handling changes that affect their lives.

    Groups meet during lunch for a total of ten sessions. Children are assigned projects, read stories, share thoughts and ideas and have fun together. Games and other activities are used to help children learn problem-solving and coping skills, as well.

T.O.P.S. (Targets, Options and Positive Strategies)

  • T.O.P.S. is an eight (8) week prevention program designed to empower children to improve their social skills, recognize internal and external body cues, think ahead and cope more effectively with anger, frustration and/or anxiety.

    Children meet during their lunch, once a week. They play games, create projects and talk in an informal setting. Children also practice taking turns, become aware of the verbal and nonverbal communication of others and increase awareness of their own feelings and reactions.