• On November 4, Oriskany Jr./Sr. High School students in the Engagement Project’s hiking group went on their first outing in the Woodhull Wilderness Area.

    The students, along with group facilitators Mrs. Perez, Mrs. Gilmour and Mr. Riccio, hiked over 11 miles to the Bear Lake and Woodhull Lake Lean-tos. During the approximately 6-hour hike, students observed scenic views in and around the lakes, relaxed in the lean-tos and orienteered the Wilderness Area. James Whittaker, Ross DeCarolis and Kayden Meashaw served as group leaders during the hike.

    The students and faculty facilitators have been planning the trip since the Engagement Project kicked-off on October 6. The Engagement Project is providing students with enriching activities based on their own areas of interest and providing new opportunities for interaction between students, teachers and staff.

    To learn more about the Engagement Project, check out page 6 of the November District Newsletter!