• On January 9, Oriskany 7th graders were treated to a special visit by a park ranger from Fort Stanwix National Monument in Rome who was dressed as a Continental Soldier from the Revolutionary War. The ranger told students about the daily life and routine of a soldier during the Revolutionary War and how it can relate to their lives today as middle school students. The 7th graders recently completed their social studies unit on the Revolutionary War and were all very interested in seeing how someone from that time period would have looked in person.


    The students were also fortunate enough to hear a few instruments that were used during the Revolutionary War including the fife and drum. Students practiced marching as a unit of soldiers would have to the beat of the drum, and some soon learned that they may not be cut out for battle!


    The students were very thankful for the ranger’s visit and now have a deeper understanding and appreciation for the Revolutionary Continental Army.