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Please email me if your child is listening to these chapters.  I would like to continue if you are.  I may continue more chapter books via this webpage, or in the Google Classroom I am setting up.  However, I would like to know if students are engaging in this, so that I know if there is a need to continue.  Thank you!  

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    Chapter 1, Part 1 (click here to view!) - James Howe

    Chapter 1, Part 1 (click here to view!)

    Just so you know, when I was self recording this chapter, what I could see was my mirror image-therefore, what I could see what the book cover backwards.  So I made mention of this fact as I showed the cover, however, when I uploaded the video, it was not backwards.  Lesson learned!   Enjoy!

    Author: James Howe   
    Length: 9 min 12 sec
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