Pre-K Medical Requirements

  • Immunizations: Need at least four (4) DPT's, three (3) Polio, one (1) Measles, one (1) Rubella, one (1) Mumps (usually given as MMR), four (4) HIB (one dose if given after 15 months of age), three (3) Hepatitis B and four (4) Pneumococcal shots and the Chicken Pox vaccine or an MD statement that your child has had the disease. The Oriskany Central School District also requests a copy of a lead screening (it is not mandatory for school attendance). 

    Physicals: Every child needs a physical. Physicals are good for one (1) year prior to the start of school. The Oriskany Central School District prefers that your child's physical is completed by their own doctor. If not, a Nurse Practitioner is available.

    Dental Certificate: Certificate from a dentist stating that your child has had a comprehensive dental exam. The dental certificate is not mandatory.