One to One Initiative

  • From OCS's One to One Chromebook Handbook for Parents/Guardians and Students:


    The mission of the 1:1 program in the Oriskany Central School is to help propel our Innovation initiative and establish the foundation for a seamless program that supports individualized instruction in our classrooms. Appropriate technology resources support this objective in many ways, and both teachers and school administrators endeavor to provide technology resources for students in order to accommodate meaningful and effective learning experiences. Providing each student with a laptop, Chromebook, iPad or other device is commonly referred to as a one-to-one (1:1) initiative; this initiative is increasingly becoming the preferred method of computer configuration for schools.

    The Oriskany Central School District’s 1:1 Chromebook initiative will integrate technology in the classroom to :

    • Promote student engagement and enthusiasm for learning.
    • Make resources available 24/7 for learning.
    • Encourage collaboration among students and teachers.
    • Allow students access to information, along with the opportunity to connect it to their learning in a meaningful manner.
    • Reduce the use of printed textbooks, worksheets, and workbooks.
    • Nurture a sense of responsibility and digital citizenship.
    • Prepare students for success after graduation from High School.