College Application Process

  • The following tips should help make the process go smoothly 
    Remember, this is your main impression to the college/university. The following tips should help make the process go smoothly:


    • Put together an organized list of your school and community activities. 

    • Know what each college requires such as essay, graded writing assignment, recommendation(s), SAT/ACT scores directly from the testing organization, etc.

    • Ask individuals if they would be willing to write recommendations for you. You should give them at least a one-month notice! (See Letters of Recommendation section).

    • READ all the instructions.

    • When completing a paper application, make sure to PRINT neatly in INK. 

    • Read the sections below for specific directions for various applications.


    • Complete application online at or

    • Some SUNY schools will require a supplement. Make sure to see what supplemental materials are required when completing the application (the Common Application and SUNY Application have that information within their application).


    • Do NOT use the SUNY application for these schools! They both have FREE applications available on their websites. 

    • Make sure that you inform the Counseling Office, so your counselor can submit your transcript. 

    • Normally you do not need recommendations for either college.


    • Common applications are available at

    • You will only need to complete one Common Application. A listing of schools that use the Common Application can be found on the Common App website.

    • Make sure you know if any of the schools require a supplemental form. The supplemental requirements can be found within the Common Application for each college.

    • Be sure to keep your counselor informed about your plans. There is a counselor form that must be completed for every Common App School.


    • If you are applying to a college/university that is not part of the SUNY system or does not use the Common Application, you will need to complete the college's application. 

    • For most schools, you will find an application online at their website.

    • Make sure to inform your counselor if you apply online. We can't send your transcript unless we know that you have applied to that school.