Secondary School Report and Counselor Recommendation

  • Some four-year colleges require a school counselor recommendation as part of a student's application. The information requested is similar to that requested on a Teacher Evaluation Form. However, a major difference between the two is that a teacher is asked to write about how the student performed in a class he/she taught, whereas the counselor is asked to give a more global evaluation of the applicant as a student and person. In order for your counselor to write a thorough and thoughtful evaluation, we suggest the following:

    • Beginning early in your high school career, make yourself known to your counselor. Throughout your years at the high school, give your counselor every opportunity to get to know you and how you handle various situations. Each time you see your counselor regarding class changes, schedule selection, or you take part in an activity sponsored by the Counseling Department, your counselor has the opportunity to learn more about you as a person. 

    • Early in your senior year, you will need to complete a "Senior Information Packet." Give thought to how you complete the forms. This is your opportunity to give your counselor more information about yourself. Be sure to return these papers prior to requesting a recommendation from your counselor. 

    • When requesting a recommendation from your counselor, be sure to give your counselor plenty of time to complete your request (we suggest at least two weeks notice). Your counselor will be writing recommendations for many other students, and you want to give him/her time to write a thorough and thoughtful evaluation of yourself.