Working Papers

  • Most students need working papers for any job except the following: work on the home farm, caddying, baby-sitting, casual employment consisting of household chores and yard work in and about a residence or the premises, or a non-profit organization that does not involve the use of power-driven machinery.
    Working papers are issued for two different age groups:
    • 14-15 years of age (Blue working papers card)
    • 16-17 years of age (Green working papers card) 
    How to Obtain Working Papers:
    Working papers are only issued through the high school.
    The Process:
    Obtain a working papers application from your school counseling office.  A parent or guardian must fill out Part I of the application and sign it.  The student will return the application to the counseling office.  The office assistant will verify with the school nurse that the student is up-to-date with their physical.  After verification, the official working papers card will be issued to the student.  For more information please click on the link below.
    Laws Governing the Employment of Minors:
    The Division of Labor Standards enforces the statutes governing maximum and prohibited hours of work for minors and the type of work permitted for minors. The Division also inspects establishments to insure that minors under 18 have proper employment certificates also referred to as working papers.
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