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    Reminder to all Eighth graders.  You're class officers are: 
    President Jacob Mancuse
    Vice President John Domenico 
    Treasurer Joy Armstrong 
    Secretary Connor Blovat 
    Student Council Representatives Aaron Drake & Hannah Juarez
    If you have any ideas for fundraisers, dances, or other thoughts, please approach either one of your officers or Mrs. Dapson.
    I am happy to serve you all! 
    Mrs. Dapson
    Eighth Grade Class Advisor
  • American History 8
    We are presently exploring
    The Great Depression
    For The Week of:   24 March
    Ch. 26:
    Sec. 1 assigned 3/19
    Sec. 2 assigned 3/20
    Sec. 3 assigned 3/24
    Sec. 4 assigned 3/25
    Great Depression Project:
    Students will be working together in groups on subtopics, creating presentation posters, and then presenting to the class as a method to teach classmates about each of the seven subtopics.
  • Global History 9
    We will be exploring the 
    For The Week of:   24 March
    Current Event due Fri 3/28
    Ch. 14, sec. 1 assigned 3/24
    Ch. 14, sec. 2 assigned 3/25
    Internet Assignment...
    (two days in the computer lab)
    (assigned in-class Friday, due Monday 3/31)
  • Global History 10
    We are presently exploring
    African Independence Movements & Conflicts in Africa and Southeast Asia
    For The Week of:   24 March
    Ch 36 sec 1 assigned 3/17 
    Ch 36 sec 2 assigned 3/19
    Ch 36 sec 3  assigned 3/20
    Ch 36 sec 4 assigned 3/24
    Ch 36 sec 5 assigned 3/25
    Internet assignment...
     (two days in computer lab)
    Current Event on Edmodo due Fri 3/28