College Planning

  • The College Search Process

    We realize how daunting the college search and application process can be. You can find many sources of information regarding this process in bookstores, on the Internet, from independent counselors and from people who have recently completed the process themselves. We compiled the information on these pages based upon our experiences with students in Oriskany, something you cannot find elsewhere.

    An important point to remember as you make your way through this phase of your life is that finding the right college is a process. It is the result of the student reflecting on his/her future, communication within the family as to values and desires, as well as matching the student's academic performance with a suitable college. All of this takes place over many months before the final decision is made as to which one college the student will attend.

    These web pages are dedicated to each and every Oriskany student who desires to go to college. College can be an exciting experience, one that opens up a whole new world of opportunities and possibilities. Our goal is to help you find a college that is right for you, one that allows you to be successful both academically and personally. We look forward to sharing the college search process with you.

    Best wishes for your future successes!