2018 Capital Project (approved May 2016)

  • In May 2016, voters in the Oriskany Central School District voted to pass a proposed Capital Improvement Project with a total estimated project cost of $3,491,600. The district is currently in the bid phase of the project, with contracts expected to be awarded at the March Board of Education meeting and work anticipated to begin in April.


    The project will include improvements at both the high school and elementary school, as well as the adjacent athletic fields and playground. The scope of this capital improvements project includes:


    Elementary School


    New Track and Refurbished Field

    A new, six lane track with designated, finished areas for jumping events will be installed and the multi-use sod field inside of the track will be refurbished. The upgraded and refurbished outdoor athletic areas will provide student athletes with the necessary facilities to practice and compete in all track and field events including pole vault, steeple chase, discus and shot put. Upgrades will also include a new score board, new track and field accessories and equipment, and improved drainage.


    Updated Playground

    A single, consolidated playground will be located on the back side of the Elementary School property. The new playground will feature modern, age-appropriate equipment, rubber surfaces, an accessible walkway, picnic tables with sunshades and benches. A school-based team, comprised of various stakeholders including the principal, teachers, staff, parents and students, was involved in planning the layout of the playground, selection of equipment and playground colors. A small kick ball field will be located behind the new playground and the field at the front of the school will remain available for school and community use.


    Replacement of Fire Alarm System

    A new, state-of-the-art, ADA-compliant fire alarm system will be installed in the elementary school.


    High School


    Replacement of Gymnasium Bleachers and Floor Refurbishing

    New, electrically operated, ADA-compliant, poly bleachers will be installed and the gymnasium floor will be refurbished. The new bleachers will provide seating for approximately 480 spectators for indoor athletic competitions and events. The new bleachers will also allow room for team seating for both the home and visiting teams on the home side of the gymnasium. The bleachers and gymnasium flooring will both continue to display the historic tradition of the Oriskany “Redskins” while providing a new, fresh look and a regulation game surface.


    The construction phase of the project is expected to begin in April with work on the track and athletic field. The majority of construction will be done during the summer break and substantially completed by mid-September. The athletic field and track are expected to be ready for practice and game use in the fall of 2019, once the sod for the field and surrounding grass has fully taken hold.


    School District administration and Athletic Director Tom Meiss have developed alternative plans for athletic practices and events during the time period when facilities will be under construction. Arrangements will be made to provide available space for community groups as requested.


    Thank you to our community for their continued support of our programs, facilities, students and staff.