• Hello!

         Welcome to Mr. Yerrick's Science class! I am the 7th grade (Life Science), 8th grade (Physical Science), and Advanced Placement Environmental Science (APES) teacher at Oriskany CSD. This is my first year at this school district--so thank you in advance for your understanding and flexibility!

         While this is a page where you might come to learn about me and my classroom expectations, you should be going to School Tool or Parent Portal, etc. to see grades and updates on assignments. I will try my best to keep you aware and up to date with student progress. Also, students should be checking into their Google Classroom for updates on assignments as I will be using it as well.

    You may contact me at tyerrick@oriskanycsd.org if you have questions or concerns. Thank you for checking out this "Welcome" page and I will be adding more as the year progresses.


    Mr. Yerrick's class expectations: "I can..."


    1) Be RESPECTFUL. Which means...

    • Understand your position as a student, my role as a teacher, parents' role as your advocate, your classmates' role as classmates (and competitors)
    • Be SAFE!!! Understand that when we do science we sometimes use expensive and technically dangerous equipment (respect the safety equipment and tools we use).

    2) Be PREPARED. Which means...

    • Handing in assignments as you enter the classroom.
    • Being on time and in your seat working when the bell rings.
    • Have all of your supplies ready to use.
    • Being attentive in class and engaged.

    3) Be NICE. Which means...

    • Getting to know each other and accepting each other's similarities and differences.
    • Desiring to learn about science and trying (even if you are not "correct" the first time).
    • Contributing to the classroom environment with positive and constructive words, answers, questions, or feedback.

                                                                                                                                 Picture of Mr. Yerrick-2018